Set us a Challenge

The EdLab MMU team would like to invite you to set a challenge for our students that they can solve as part of their coursework, or as a volunteering experience. You can be as imaginative as you like as we have a wide range of partners to work with, and a fantastic set of students ready to get involved.

There is a form below to complete. Please also email us on edlab @ mmu. to let us know.


Ideally, the challenges will try to solve a problem or issue that you have, and be open to students solving it in a creative way.

These challenges are different from placements as they are much shorter, usually just a few hours of delivery time (with more time spent by students planning), and involve students in taking the lead. Examples of what students might do:

  • arranging and delivering a one hour session with primary or home educated children
  • creating a leaflet and running a stall to raise awareness of an issue
  • volunteering for an event and delivering a short educational activity

Getting started if students are new to the project:  We find students are better equipped to create a realistic and suitable project when they have seen the work in action. This gives them a  chance to to make links and really understand the background of the challenge. This might be a short tour of your project, or volunteering at an event where they can pick up more information about what you do.
How to set us a Challenge:
To set us a challenge just fill out the form below and we’ll be in touch. Please also email us on edlab @ mmu. to let us know.